Sunday, January 9, 2011

Easter 2010

What a fun Easter/Conference weekend McKay had
He got to hold a bunny at the baby animal days in Logan
He loved to feel the soft bunny!

He was trying to get into some trouble at G-ma Linnea's house! That doesn't happen very often so when it does happen.....we have to take pictures of it!
We were all sitting there watching conference, we looked over and saw McKay doing this. Just sitting there with his finger in the blinds. Not sure what he was thinking but
it was sure cute to see!
Dad holding him while watching conference

McKay doing some thinking during conference. I'd really like to know what this kid really is thinking sometimes!

Holding dad's hand....

Dad going up stairs to give him a bath.

Easter morning 2010
They're all sitting on McKay's bed

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