Friday, March 5, 2010

Wheelin' on ice

December 26 2009

Here is a picture of Little McKay wheelin' around on the ice. I almost left him with grandma Leah, but decided not to. I thought he'd like getting out and getting a few laps around the rink by anyone who wanted to push him around. I would like to say that he had a thrilling time...but he slept the whole time we were there. So maybe it was so great and so comfortable the only thing he could do was sleep! At least he stayed on all four wheels this time. The last time he went we had a slight problem...nothing to major- just kind of scary looking. His chair slipped back and the two front wheels of his chair were sticking straight up. He was fine, his head wasn't even touching the ice because he was strapped in so good, but still..... the look of it was just wrong. So compared to last time this was a smooth skate. He skated just beautifully! maybe next time he'll try one of those cool spins!!

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